Klamath County Approves Moratorium on Dispensaries


Klamath Falls, Ore.– Klamath County Commissioners yesterday gave unanimous approval to a motion to impose a one-year moratorium on marijuana dispensaries in the county. The county heard testimony both for and against the moratorium at its meeting yesterday. Commissioners say they want to take time to review possible regulations they would need to adopt before setting parameters for dispensaries in the county. The city of KFalls has already passed regulations approving dispensaries in city limits.

  • Laughing Lotus Farms llc.


    Re: 1 year moratorium of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Klamath County, Oregon.

    As an American, I’m saddened to see that three county commissioners
    think that they are above the laws that we, the people of Oregon, voted
    I’m sorry that some church people don’t like us, but the
    articles of the Constitution clearly gives us a separation of church and
    State. Your church does NOT equal my
    State and certainly does not represent my rights as a citizen or my view
    of God. I did not know it was ok for the County officials to lead a
    prayer before every weekly session? If you watch the video from the
    sessions, you will know what I am talking about.
    I AM a land owner
    and OWN two businesses that which my wife and I have singlehandedly
    created. I pay taxes to the County, State and Federal Government, but
    yet where is my representation?

    The actions of our county commissioners were backhanded,
    obstructionist, dishonest and unconstitutional. This is yet another
    great example of why we need a county administration. The
    only reason we invested in this business is because it was passed into
    law! We were told more than three times, when asking the planning
    department, that our building was OK. Who, by the way were very polite
    and professional. Therefore we did the construction required by the
    state to even apply. We invested our personal savings into our company
    and we have even received our provisional license from the State of
    Oregon! We were compliant!! These commissioners have now cost my
    family a significant investment and I have to now tell the four people
    we have promised a job that they now will not be employed.
    One of
    our three County Commissioners, Dennis Linthicum, is one of the main
    problems. The first meeting the county had regarding Dispensaries, he
    claimed that this issue is ‘personal’ for him and this issue has to do
    with morals. As a commissioner, you are supposed to initiative a
    healthy business environment not instate your personal moral values. He
    did not represent us, nor the Constitution, and he will not represent
    Cannabis is a REAL medicine with scientifically proven medical
    benefits. So, Yes, Dennis for card holders in the County it IS the
    “end of the world”. What if your insulin was not available to you? How
    would you feel if your insulin or the place you were to obtain it was
    illegal? Maybe you should not have access to your insulin for a year?

    There are other alternatives, according to the church members who
    showed up to read scriptures at the County public hearings. You can just
    ask God and he will take away your diabetes. Maybe you should try it
    Dennis and see if God answers.
    Part of being a representative is
    to educate yourself on the issues and asking questions and being able to
    get answers, of which the commissioners did not do. Our license comes
    from the Director of Pharmacies, doesn’t that make us a Pharmacy?

    The commissioners didn’t vote from the public feeling, but of their own.
    So what have the commissioners really accomplished? Flip flopping on
    their word, lying, costing my family money and closing more businesses
    and helping more people to lose their jobs.
    Losing more potential revenue for the county.

    Unless you are an illegal drug dealer…Go right ahead dealers! Klamath
    County supports the black market! Do you really think that dealers
    will listen to the ban? NO!
    I’m the only one that HAS listened, and has to listen. Good job guys.
    Klamath County card holders should be irate at their representatives.

    Ilo Ferroggiaro
    Laughing Lotus Farms LLC.

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  • Macj300

    You, sir, have no right to accuse the churches in this community. First, let me explain to the uninformed out there what that separation is: it is the belief of the people, that there be a freedom to worship God in a manner free from government control. It is not, nor ever should be the aim of this government to mandate, or regulate a church. This is not to say that a man duly elected to office should not carry his position according to his beliefs. If a man believes in God, yet fails to govern according to his faith, then he truly does not believe in what he says he does, and is a hypocrite. To announce a separation of church and state only means the state cannot tell you what to believe, where to believe it or when. It does not mean that the church, likewise has no say in government.
    That is the basis of a letter from Jefferson to a church concerned that he would take freedoms from the people in their rights to worship. You see, Jefferson was atheist. If an athiest founding father knew not only that you had to govern according to your beliefs, but that principles of life outlined in the Bible were better for a united society, how then have the children of this once great nation thrown out what once was fact, as pure heretical superstition? Let me ask this, are we better off statistically as a country, with the bible having been completely removed and in many cases banned? Statistically the answer is emphatically no!
    Next time you want to have a temper tantrum, and write the craziness that you truly believe, I’d suggest you do so more privately.