Injunction Prevents Chiropractor from Practicing


Klamath Falls, Ore.– A Klamath Falls Chiropractor will no long be allowed to administer chiropractic services after the Klamath County Circuit Court handed down an injunction yesterday. Christopher McCutcheon is accused of not having a license to practice chiropractics, and of harming patients with what the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners calls an “aggressive technique”. McCutcheon still faces a misdemeanor charge of prohibited practices in Klamath County. 

  • Wayne

    This is a very misleading title. This appears to be a slam on chiropractic. He was NOT a chiropractor and had no license to practice. That is his problem this time around and also the previous time when he was called to the mat by OBCE.

  • Summer

    News should be accurate and this article is NOT. Mr. McCutcheon was never a chiropractor. The statement, “will no longer be allowed to administer chiropractic services…” implies he was at one time allowed. Since he is not a doctor, was never educated as one, and certainly not licensed to do anything he was never allowed to practice chiropractic in the first place. Please try to report things accurately instead of misleading the public.