Klamath Falls City Schools give Fairview Elementary to the YMCA

Klamath falls city schools


KLAMATH FALLS, Ore, — The Klamath Falls City Schools board of directors voted last night to turn over the keys to vacant Fairview Elementary School to the YMCA to use as an extension location for their facilities.

The school, which closed last year, will likely house the YMCA’s daycare services and athletic programs.

The supervisors gave the building as a gift to the organization rather than sell it to them, so it can be used as a resource in the neighborhood and for our community.

  • Our community

    Isn’t YMCA non prophet not suppose to be all about money. I thought it was about helping you’re community. In the 4 yrs I’ve bean dealing with klamath falls YMCA . I have only seen them receive help from there community. How are you claiming non prophet when you are receiving incomes for events paid by local parents and we are the ones that do the work / volunteer and our schools provide gyms how are you not turning prophets. And offering scholarship programs that will not contact you back if you ask for help that they offer you. Oh if you did you wouldn’t make enough $$$. For you’re non profit about the community program.