Two women killed in fast moving blaze near Bonanza



BONANZA, Ore. — Two women were killed near Bonanza after a fire tore through their home on Thursday.

62 year old Patricia Ann Hunt and 67 year old Jeanne Florence Russell died in the out of control blaze that started by someone that was smoking in bed, as well as oxygen bring used in the home. 

The cluttered home including the main entrance into the home being blocked with a couch helped to hinder the fire fighting efforts.

  • posted by next of kin

    The way this went down seems toosketchy to be “likely accidental” considering the victims husband cancel memorial services and no memorial services have been held for Jeanne according top her next of kin.

  • Josh Hunt

    This is the son of Patricia hunt and there is nothing sketchy about it my mom had a bad habit of forgetting that she needed to take off her oxygen while she smoked that is what happen. The reason the memorial services for both Jeanne Russell and Patricia hunt was canceled because the fire burnt the money so that is why we canceled them! You don’t know how much shit I have been through more so for my uncle jimmy Russell the husband of Jeanne Russell and brother to Patricia hunt! If you want to know what happen you don’t ask the people that wasn’t there, you asked the people that was there trying to help them out of the fire!! Like me, I was the one there trying to get my mom and my aunt out of that fire!!!! THE FIRE WAS ACCIDENTAL