Violent accident in Klamath Falls sends three people to the hospital

Hannah crash



KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. –A violent accident during the lunch hour yesterday in Klamath Falls sent three people to the hospital.

A witness on the scene says that around noon a minivan on Homedale near South 6th ran into a compact car that was traveling down Homedale at the time.

Several emergency crews responded to help the victims, as well as extricate one person out of the badly mangled car.

The roadway closed for about an hour, and the condition and identities of the injured were not released.

  • Neva

    Pray for the TWO people who went to the hospital. The minivan was intoxicated and hit my brother. She walked away from the accident. My brother driver of the mangled car has been life flighted to bend. Where he is still unreasponsive pray for him not her shes fine and a lyer prayand..criticalccondition. She

  • ty

    you actually pay attention to the Herald and snooze they’re a joke

  • Toni Yaple

    Praying for your brother. I am a good friend of Daniel & Allisons. We are sending many many prayers from the East Coast.

  • jojopotato

    you need to read the article, it says she hit them. Can you not post your angry tirade on here?

  • Alyssa

    Does anyone know the people that were involved in this accident?

  • conservative for life

    Bend has an amazing hospital. Especially if there were brain or head injuries. I was air lifted there last year. Prayers…..

  • Sandra Dunnigan

    So many prayers going out to the people who were involved in the accident. I know the lady who was driving the van and she is devastated at what happened and how badly the people in the car were. She suffered minor injuries which she is still being seen for.

    She has posted numerous pray requests as well as started a prayer chain. NOBODY involved was a ‘bad’ person and I know she wasn’t intoxicated. She goes to church regularly and is a Vacation Bible School Teacher.

    She wanted me to say she prays for the two young people involved all the time. This has weighted so heavy on her heart. Some people need to lighten up. She’s NOT a bitch as someone called her. She is a Christian and is ALWAYS helping someone in need. Prayers sent out to the three people involved. It was an ‘accident’ ..that’s why they call them that. I know that the young people are in God’s hands..

  • Sandra Dunnigan

    Lots of things get said in the heat of the moment. Please reconsider what you are saying about the lady in the accident. She’s a very good Christian.
    Slander is just that…anger coming out.. She said she’s forgiven all the negative stuff said about her. YOU Neva, have NO idea what mental torment she’s going through caring about the young adults.

  • Trish

    Thank you! Reading all this about someone you know personally and KNOW without a shadow of doubt she is NOT what is being said about her. I pray for all involved and their families. Yes the physical can be seen by friends and family of the two young adults. The emotional pain is just as hard to see.

  • Neva

    you should pray for your enemies as Jesus told us; also learn to spell when calling names. Just saying.