Larry The Cucumber talks with Cory Edmondson



VeggieTales is 20 years old! Larry The Cucumber talked with Cory Edmondson, afternoon jock on 92.5 KLAD, about the VeggieTales show at the Ross Ragland Theater. Cory and Larry had a lot in common. . .


  • Valerie Ring

    Reliving the glory days when I was a 4 year old, classic Larry the Cucumber!

  • John Banks

    Great Interview! I hope they play the Cheeseburger song. That’s probably my favorite silly song.

  • Shani Maynard

    The show was great! My daughter had a blast and was laughing and clapping and singing the whole time. I think Larry is right, the best part was seeing my little girl have a blast! Thanks Veggietales! P.S. Our favorite song is the belly button song lol.