State of Jefferson Moves Forward

state of jefferson


YREKA, Cal – Siskiyou County supervisors are moving ahead with plans for a State of Jefferson in southern Oregon and northernmost California. The lawmakers voted 4-1 to begin the process of seceding from California. A meeting packed with local residents who say they are fed up with California state government were all for the move, and neighboring Humboldt County expressed interest in joining the effort. The secession comes with many legal and political hurdles.

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  • Balded Wizard

    Ain’t gonna happen. Too much work. I mean, think of all those flags we’d have to change just to add one star. Why do you think we haven’t made Puerto Rico a state? We would have to change too many flags. Plus 50 is just too perfect of a round number. 51? Yuck! Bad number. Maybe if there were 23 other states ready to go, American’s might be alright with 75. We love 75! How many times do you see a big hoopla about the “75th anniversary/annual?” We’re even o.k. with 76 because it kind of looks like 75. But 51? That’s just wrong, man!