Two people injured, two arrested, in failed robbery attempt at Frames and More on Main Street

klamath falls city police



A woman, and a man that tried to protect her, was injured in an armed robbery on Main St. just before noon today.

A man and a woman went into the Frames and More location at on the 200 block of Main street, and tried to rob the female clerk in the store with a pair of scissors and a knife.

The clerk was actually able to wrestle the knife away from her attacker.

Ed Freitag was one of the first witnesses on the scene, and he also just happens to be a first responder.

He helped with the injured victims until the paramedics arrived.

The man that tried to assist the clerk was also injured when he was struck on the head with an object by one of the suspects.

The two suspects were quickly apprehended by Klamath Falls City police, and taken to jail.

  • leanne freitag

    So Proud of my son, Ed, for running to help the victims immediately when we heard someone screaming to call 911. I am proud of my son to be a member of the Bonanza Volenteer Fire Department, they sure trained him good. Ed truely loves to help ones that are in harms way or any fires or wrecks, So thankful for all the emergency medical people out there, so grateful to them to be one scene to help so quickly. Leanne Freitag

  • MIsh

    The suspects are obviously stupid! Really? Robbing a store on Main Street during normal business hours? Were they on meth and that dumb? Pathetic. Glad that the victims were OK and very glad the suspects got arrested quickly.