Klamath tribes exercise water rights in the basin



KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath Basin will go without irrigation water this summer after the Klamath Tribes and the federal government exercised for the first time their new ability to put the American Indian tribes in charge of water.

Klamath Tribes and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said yesterday they were making a “call” on their water rights for rivers flowing into Upper Klamath Lake.

This was made possible by a March ruling by a judge saying the tribes have the oldest water rights in the upper basin, and therefore have control over it. The bureau’s rights date to 1905.

  • Joann

    Apparently the deal is to turn Klamath Falls into a ghost town, it’s already bad enough with so much and so many leaving the county…the economy has hit us hard but makes no difference to those in power to just shut off the water. We have lost so much of our timber, mining, fishing and farming here in Oregon…not the state I use to love…So…let it all dry up and blow away…if you’re the last one to leave the basin…turn the the lights off before you go! Oh..if there are still lights when you leave…