Despite brewery absence in a few districts, House approves state microbe

salem capitol building


SALEM, Ore. — There are no licensed breweries in Central Point, White City and Eagle Point, contradicting a point made by a legislator seeking to make brewer’s yeast the Oregon state microbe. 

Resolution sponsor Rep. Mark Johnson says there’s a craft brewery in every legislative district. But an investigation by The Oregonian has found there are three districts that remain thirsty for a licensed brewery.

House District 17, which covers Stayton, Lebanon and Scio; House District 47, which covers a large portion of East Portland; and House District 4, which covers Central Point, White City and Eagle Point, all lack a licensed brewery.

The House has already approved the resolution and now the measure is before the Senate.
Johnson says designating brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as the state microbe is a salute to the economic impact it has had on the state’s economy.