Revenue committee moves tax revenue hike to House

salem capitol building


SALEM, Ore. — Seeking more tax revenue from corporations and the wealthy, Oregon Democrats advanced their plan to raise more tax dollars from those two groups.

The House Revenue committee passed the plan on Wednesday, sending it to the House floor.

The plan proposes raising $275 million in additional revenue to balance the state budget.

Democrats say the tax increases are necessary to boost funding for schools. Republicans say the Legislature wouldn’t have to raise taxes if it would cut deeper into public-employee pensions.

The plan would eliminate the personal exemption tax credit and phase out income tax deductions for Oregon’s highest-earning taxpayers. Responding to concerns from Republicans and charitable organizations, Democrats agreed to continue allowing tax exemptions for charitable contributions without limits.

It would also raise taxes on some corporations.

  • David M. Cook

    Why don’t the democrat-socialists reduce the state budget? Every year these pigs want more and more of our money dumped into their trough so they can spend and spend. They try to say it’s for the children but this lie isn’t working anymore. The state needs to do with less, just like the citizens are doing in the Obama economy.