Lost River teams place top three at Crusader Relays

Runners Crossing Finish Line track and field


MEDFORD, Ore. – The Lost River boys were second and the girls third at last weekend’s Crusader Relays at St. Mary’s High School. Chiloquin’s boys were fifth as were the Bonanza girls.

Lost River’s Tannor Stradley took the individual title in the boys javelin while placing second with Ricardo Rayas, Marcos Leon and Jair Ramos on the 4 x 200 relay team. Rayas, Leon, Stradley also joined Pilo Lievnaos for a silver in the sprint medley. Ray Todd claimed second in the long jump.

For the Lost River girls, Emily Parks and Megan Parks won gold in the 4 x 200 and earned second place in the 4 x 100, sprint medley and distance medley. Kristal Alonzo and Lindsey Barrows helped in both relays and the distance medley, with Barrows joining the Parks and Irene Alonzo for the sprint medley title. Irene Alonzo was also runner-up in the triple jump. Jennie Lowrie won the shot put and Katie Ingram won the pole vault.

For the Chiloquin boys, Manny Ramirez, E.J. Ramierz, Matt Spencer and Johnny Jackson helped the Panthers to a 4 x 800 relay runner-up finish.

Bonanza’s Aaron Sarmiento, Allen Hess, Eric Salazar and Levi Tarbell won the sprint medley. Levi Pipkin also took a second in the triple jump. On the girls side, the Antlers took three second place finishes with Amanda Foster in the 100-meter hurdles, Faith Lee in the shot put and Bailey Hammerich in the discus.

Basin Teams Results

LOST RIVER BOYS: 110m Hurdles: 2. Connor Paschke, 3. Robert Graham; 4×100 Relay: 3. Traegen Stradley, Tannor Stradley, Ricardo Rayas, Jair Ramos; 4×200 Relay: 2. Ricardo Rayas, Tannor Stradley, Marcos Leon, Jair Ramos; 4×400 Relay: 3. Traegen Stradley, Marcos Leon, Jair Ramos, Hector Pena; 4×800 Relay: 3. Jose Lepe, Andrew Taylor, Memo Bigoni, Charlie Hall; Sprint Medley: 2. Tannor Stradley, Marcos Leon, Ricardo Rayas, Pilo Lievanos; Distance Medley: 3. Marcos Leon, Traegen Stradley, Eric Summers, Jose Lepe; Shot Put: 8. Alex Vera, 9. Robert Graham, 16. Hayden Beyerlin, 20. Taylor Stacey; Discus: 5. Robert Graham, 8. Hayden Beyerlin, 12. Zach Mattson; Javelin: 1. Tannor Stradley, 3. Zach Mattson; High Jump: 5. Ray Todd, 16. Zach Mattson;
Long Jump: 2. Ray Todd; Triple Jump: 3. Ricardo Rayas.

LOST RIVER GIRLS: 4×100 Relay: 2. Emily Parks, Irene Alonzo, Megan Parks, Kristal Alonzo; 4×200 Relay: 1. Kristal Alonzo, Lindsey Barrows, Megan Parks, Emily Parks; Sprint Medley: 2. Irene Alonzo, Lindsey Barrows, Emily Parks, Megan Parks; Distance Medley: 2. Megan Parks, Emily Parks, Lindsey Barrows, Kristal Alonzo; Shot Put: 1. Jennie Lowrie, 7. Chloe Paschke, 20. Sydney Quick; Discus: 3. Jennie Lowrie, 8. Chloe Paschke, 10. Mirian Cobian, 14. Sydney Quick; Javelin: 4. Jennie Lowrie, 12. Sydney Quick; High Jump: 3. Katie Ingram, 4. Janet Duron; Pole Vault: 1. Katie Ingram; Long Jump: 7. Irene Alonzo; Triple Jump: 2. Irene Alonzo.

CHILOQUIN BOYS: 4×800 Relay: 2. Manny Ramirez, EJ Ramirez, Matt Spencer, Johnny Jackson; 300m Hurdles: 3. Matt Hillaire, 4. Will Russell; 4×100 Relay: 6. Carlos Bracamontes, Gavin Brown, Efrain Ortega, Shane Parazoo; 4×200 Relay: 5. Carlos Bracamontes, Shane Parazoo, Gavin Brown, Efrain Ortega; 4×400 Relay: 6. Manny Ramirez, Trevon Black, EJ Ramirez, Matt Spencer; Sprint Medley: 4. Efrain Ortega, Gavin Brown, Shane Parazoo, Carlos Bracamontes; Distance Medley: 5. Shane Parazoo, Matt Spencer, Manny Ramirez, Eric Cooper; Shot Put: 11. David Morris, 13. Nick Boughton, 21. Billy Montoya; Discus: 10. Nick Boughton, 11. David Morris, 20. Tim Utley; Javelin: 4. Johnny Jackson; 5. Tim Utley; High Jump: 9. Trevon Black, 12. Eric Cooper, 14. Matt Hillaire; Long Jump: 11. Carlos Bracamontes, 14. Matt Spencer; Triple Jump: 6. Will Russell.

CHILOQUIN GIRLS: 300m Hurdles: 6. Laliyah Watah; 4×100 Relay: 5. Angela Head, Laliyah Watah, Macayla Peacock, Katana Lang; Sprint Medley: 4. Macayla Peacock, Angela Head, Laliyah Watah, Elissa Peacock; Shot Put: 11. Keilani Baker, 12. Jasmine Montoya, 15. Katana Lang; Discus: 6. Keilani Baker; Javelin: 5. Katana Lang, 11. Jasmine Montoya, 16. Keilani Baker.

BONANZA BOYS: Sprint Medley: 1. Aaron Sarmiento, Allen Hess, Eric Salazar, Levi Tarbell; 4×100 Relay: 4. Levi Pipkin, Danny Zambrano, Eric Salazar, Aaron Sarmiento; 4×200 Relay: 4. Eric Salazar, Allen Hess, Danny Zambrano, Levi Tarbell; 4×400 Relay: 4. James Vaughan, Danny Zambrano, Jericho Goss, Levi Tarbell; Distance Medley: 6. Jericho Goss, Levi Tarbell, Danny Zambrano, James Vaughan; Shot Put: 14. Alan Pepper, 17. Brennan Mestas; Discus: 16. Brennan Mestas, 18. Alan Pepper; Javelin: 13. Alan Pepper, 15. Brennan Mestas; High Jump: 8. Kade Morgan, 14. Eric Salazar; Long Jump: 5. Cole Totten, 9. Aaron Sarmiento, 13. Efrain Aguirre; Triple Jump: 2. Levi Pipkin, 7. Efrain Aguirre.

BONANZA GIRLS: 100m Hurdles: 2. Amanda Foster; Discus: 2. Bailey Hammerich, 9. Faith Lee; 4×100 Relay: 4. Annie Thompson, Hannah Foster, Alex Avila, Amanda Foster; Shot Put: 2. Faith Lee, 6. Bailey Hammerich, 12. Morgan Otto; Javelin: 7. Faith Lee, 15. Morgan Otto; High Jump: 5. Annie Thompson; Long Jump: 5. Silvia Lopez; 3. Triple Jump: 3. Silvia Lopez.