Basin wrestlers bring home six individual state titles

OSAA Wrestling 2013


PORTLAND, Ore. – Bonanza’s Phillip Morgan won his first state championship, pinning Matthew Staigle of Enterprise in 2:42 to claim the 195-pound weight class at the OSAA 2A/1A Wrestling State Championships at Memorial Coliseum.

Morgan was joined by Lakeview’s Tony Frank as the only small school title winners. Frank won a 6-4 decision over top-seed Cody Manzi of Santiam Christian. Hosanna Christian’s Omar Alvarado finished fourth, pinned by Crane’s Michael Casey at the 5:30-mark in the consolation championship match.

Henley’s Ronnie Bresser claimed the 4A 120-pound title, winning by technical fall over Estacada’s Donny Wenlund. Bresser is the first three-time champion from Henley High School, which including him, now has five two-time winners, after senior Tyler Scott beat teammate Quinton Hook by pin to win the 113-pound championship. Scott completed his repeat, after winning at 106 pounds in 2012. Hook was trying to repeat himself, after winning state as a freshman at Hosanna Christian last year.

Freshman Gary Jantzer defeated Ismael Rubio of Phoenix in an all-Skyline 160-pound final. Jantzer was victorious by technical fall just past the five-minute mark. Fellow first-year wrestler Connor Noonan beat Crook County’s Grayson Munn in a 2-0 decision at 126 pounds. Crook County won the team title ahead of Henley.

Complete State Wrestling Results

4A Team Scores: 1. Crook County 290, 2. Henley 196, 3. Sweet Home 161, 4. Cascade 126, 5. Tillamook 104, 6. Scappoose 78.5, 7. Klamath Union 76… 29. Mazama 7

4A 106 pounds: JOE BRITT (Henley) - lost to Justin Coon – 1st Round; beat Tyrel Miller – Cons. 1st Rd; lost to Francisco Barrera – Cons. 2nd Rd…TREVON KUHLMAN (Henley) - lost to Kurt Mode – 1st Rd; beat Makiah Chadwick – Cons. 1st Rd; lost to Justin Coon – Cons. 2nd Rd

4A 113 Pounds: TYLER SCOTT (Henley) - beat Colton Walker – 1st Rd; beat Taran Hardwick – Quarterfinals; beat Logan Humphrey – Semifinals; pinned Quinton Hook – Championship…QUINTON HOOK (Henley) - beat Austin Warner – 1st Rd; beat Jonny Avina – Quarterfinals; beat Justin Nicholson – Semifinals; lost to Tyler Scott – Championship

4A 120 Pounds: RONNIE BRESSER (Henley) - beat Alex Stoffel – 1st Rd; beat Wyatt Finch – Quarterfinals; beat Jarred Dupont – Semifinals; techical fall Donny Wenlund – Championship…CHASE FERNLUND (Henley) - lost to Cole Skramstad – 1st Rd; lost to Anthony Imel – Cons. 1st Rd

4A 126 Pounds: CONNOR NOONAN (Henley) - beat Alyx Shaw – 1st Rd; beat Taylor Walden – Quarterfinals; beat Hayden Bates – Semifinals; decision win over Grayson Munn – Championship…BEE NGUYEN (Klamath Union) - lost to Grayson Munn – 1st Rd; beat Kyle Kintz – Cons. 1st Rd; lost to Duke Hebdon – Cons. 2nd Rd

4A 132 Pounds: ZECH BRESSER (Henley) - beat Stone Rathbun – 1st Rd; beat Chandler Fortune – Quarterfinals; beat Logan Weeks – Semifinals; lost to Colton Schilling (6-0 dec.) – Championship; NICK OGBORN (Klamath Union) - lost to Kody Prulhiere – 1st Rd; beat Chris Batchelder – Cons. 1st Rd; lost to Ben Gadbois – Cons. 2nd Rd

4A 138 Pounds: TEE NGUYEN (Klamath Union) - beat Stefan Maxwell – 1st Rd; lost to Ryder Shinkle – Quarterfinals; beat Eli Garrard – Cons. 2nd Rd; beat Darin French – Cons. Quarterfinals; beat Rowdy Wells – Cons. Semifinals; beat Ryder Shinkle – Cons. Championship…ROWDY WELLS (Mazama) - beat Tavis Hodgen – 1st Rd; beat Ryan Bond – Quarterfinals; lost to Collbran Meeker – Semifinals; lost to Tee Nguyen – Cons. Semifinals

4A 145 Pounds: CALVIN TILLERY (Henley) - beat Jacob Davidson – 1st Rd; lost to Trever Olson – Quarterfinals; beat Ryan Blythe – Cons. 2nd Rd; lost to Dawson Barber – Cons. Quarterfinals…TREVOR ANDERSON (Klamath Union) - beat Hunter Hoyt – 1st Rd; beat Tanner Swinehart – Quarterfinals; lost to Lucas Randall – Semifinals; beat Dawson Barber – Cons. Semifinals; beat Jacob Davidson – Cons. Championship

4A 152 Pounds: AUSTIN TILLERY (Henley) - beat Vince Roff – 1st Rd; lost to Spencer Crawford – Quaterfinals; beat Dalen Hargett – Cons. 2nd Rd; lost to Travis Thompson – Cons. Quarterfinals

4A 160 Pounds: GARY JANTZER (Henley) - beat Luke Youngberg – 1st Rd; beat Brendan Harkey – Quarterfinals; beat  Caleb Woodworth – Semifinals; beat Ismael Rubio – Championship

4A 170 Pounds: Will Ruiz (Klamath Union) - lost to Clark Woodward – 1st Rd; lost to Hunter Weast – Cons. 1st Rd…CHASE ANDERSON (Klamath Union) - beat Aaron Swindle – 1st Rd; beat Myron Moore – Quarterfinals; lost to Brayden Moller – Semifinals; beat Isaiah Goodrich – Cons. Semifinals; beat William Prince – Cons. Championship

4A 182 Pounds: JAMES NOONAN (Henley) - lost to Noah Stepp – 1st Rd; lost to Bailey Apon – Cons. 1st Rd…GARY PRESCOTT (Klamath Union) -lost to Jordan Thompson – 1st Rd; lost to Robby Duprau – Cons. 1st Rd…PHIL MORSE (Klamath Union) - lost to Nick Ledbury – 1st Rd; beat Zak Williams – Cons. 1st Rd; lost to Jordan Thompson – Cons. 2nd Rd

4A 195 Pounds: MITCH MIRANDE (Klamath Union) - beat Juan Lopez – 1st Rd; beat Dillen Abbett – Quarterfinals; lost to Wade Paulus – Semifinals; beat Zach Smith – Cons. Semifinals; beat Brad Hyatt – Cons. Championship

4A 220 Pounds: MATT WALSH (Henley) - lost to Trevor Rasmussen – 1st Rd; lost to Dylan Smith – Cons. 1st Rd…ELI NOONAN (Henley) - beat Josh Raichl – 1st Rd; lost to Tyson Walton – Quarterfinals; beat Tyler Lehman – Cons. 2nd Rd; beat Marcus Cheney – Cons. Quarterfinals; lost to Devin Ray – Cons. Semifinals…STERLING WESTFALL (Klamath Union) - lost to Cesar Meza – 1st Rd; lost to Gunnar Long – Cons. 1st Rd

4A 285 Pounds: STEPHAN NOONAN (Henley) - beat Miguel Sevilla – 1st Rd; lost to Brennan Patterson – Quarterfinals; beat William Noonan – Cons. 2nd Rd; lost to Zach Gill – Cons. Quarterfinals…WILLIAM NOONAN (Henley) - lost to Jason Williams – 1st Rd; beat Dylan Jackman – Cons. 1st Rd; lost to Stephan Noonan – Cons. 2nd Rd

3A 120 Pounds: MACK CRANDALL (Lakeview) - lost to Omar DeLaCerda – 1st Rd; beat Isaac Vargas – Cons. 1st Rd; beat Paul Allen – Cons. 2nd Rd; lost to Adan Guiterrez; Cons. Semifinals; lost to Eric Miller – Cons. Fifth Place 

3A 126 Pounds: CONNOR LYSNE (Lakeview) - beat TJ Morgan – 1st Rd; lost to Coty Brown – Quarterfinals; lost to Tyler Martin – Cons. 1st Rd

3A 160 Pounds: NATHAN HARLAN (Lakeview) - lost to Derek Clark – 1st Rd; lost to TJ Hughey – Cons. 1st Rd

3A 195 Pounds: TONY FRANK (Lakeview) - 1st Rd Bye; beat Jaycob Elmore – Quarterfinals; beat Garrett Dees – Semifinals; beat Cody Manzi – Championship

3A 220 Pounds: EDDIE MURREITA (Lakeview) - lost to Sebastian Sanchez – 1st Rd; lost to Austin Ross – Cons. 1st Rd…

3A 285 Pounds: DYLAN AMERSON (Lakeview) - beat Aaron Campbell – 1st Rd; beat Alfonso Caldera – Quarterfinals; lost to Josh Parazoo – Semifinals; beat JJ Herrera – Cons. Semifinals; beat Tommy Cobb – Cons. Championship…DANIEL MARTINEZ (Lakeview) - 1st Rd Bye; lost to Kye Yraguen – Quarterfinals; lost to JJ Herrera – Cons. 1st Rd

2A/1A 120 Pounds: NATE BECKSTRAND (Hosanna Christian) - lost to Trevor Fullerton – 1st Rd; lost to Matt Clayton – Cons. 1st Rd

2A/1A 195 Pounds: PHILLIP MORGAN (Bonanza) - beat Tim Nelson – 1st Rd; beat T-John Wolf – Semifinals; beat Matthew Staigle – Championship

2A/1A 220 Pounds: SHON MOSES (Hosanna Christian) - beat Tucker Wright – 1st Rd; lost to Colin Cash – Semifinals; lost to Wyatt Warnock – Cons. Semifinals

2A/1A 285 Pounds: OMAR ALVARADO (Hosanna Christian) - lost to Brandon Adams – 1st Rd; beat Ben Baker – Cons. 1st Rd; beat John Propheter – Cons. Semifinals; lost to Michael Casey – Cons. Championship