OSP poaching investigation leads to arrests



LA PINE, Ore. — A poaching investigation has led to the arrest of two people at a La Pine residence. 65-year-old Louis “Lee” Henson and 63-year-old Adrienne D. Henson were arrested on seven different charges including taking deer in closed season and exceeding deer limit. Oregon State Police said in a release that they seized two trophy class mule deer. 

Poaching Arrests In Eagle Point As Well

In Eagle Point, two others were arrested on separate poaching charges. Charges against 35-year-old Robert Matthew Martin and 24-year-old Jessica B Martin include taking deer during closed season and Robert Martin was charged with felon in possession of a firearm.

Oregon State Police searched the home on a warrant following a tip about the Martins. The investigation began in December when a trophy buck deer was killed off Crow Foot Road.

Troopers recovered three buck deer heads, several weapons and two pounds of marijuana from the residence.