Boulder rolls into area home’s living room



CHILOQUIN, Ore. – Next time you’re checking your Facebook, it might be wise to look out the window.

Chiloquin-area resident Jeanine Wells

Jeanine Wells described the boulder that crashed through her Chiloquin-area home Tuesday afternoon. The house is at the base of a steep incline off Highway 97.

Wells says she screamed for her husband Corey before the boulder crashed through her home’s wall, stopping two feet away from where he was sitting. It took out an interior wall between the home’s dining room and a bedroom as well.

As of Thursday morning, the boulder is still inside the home and Jeanine Wells and her family are still dealing with the emotional and procedural results.

Since moving to the home in 1998, Jeanine Wells says they had no concern about rocks coming down the hill.

Now, the family is considering building a wall behind the home.

She says her insurance has not approved a claim yet, stating it is an “earth movement” event.