Power Outages in Southern Oregon

power outage


Klamath Falls, Ore. - 

Over the weekend, there were several power outages in Southern Oregon and Northern California

Friday morning, geothermal customers in Klamath were without heat for a few hours. City crews are waiting for parts before they are able to finish the repair. after a joint that absorbs pipe vibrations sprung a leak, The system went down at the heat exchange facility. The water sprayed onto a control computer and electronics for two variable frequency drives. Because of the complex system, full power may not be restored until Wednesday.

The other power-outages took place in Josephine County, Rogue River, Siskiyou County and a few were without power in Jackson County. This was on Saturday as melting snow caused tree branches to fall on power lines.

Pacific Power says about 10,000 residents were withought power including about 1800 in California