Health Survey about Klamath and Oregon

Doctor Checking the Blood Pressure of a Patient


Klamath Falls, Ore. - A high rate of smoking has helped make Klamath County one of the unhealthiest counties in Oregon.

A report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ranked Klamath 31st of the 33 Oregon counties. The numbers show that 25-percent of adults in Klamath County are smokers. Statewide that number is 16-percent. Similar numbers appeared when Klamath residents were asked about classifying themselves as physically inactive. About 20-percent of them says there were phycially inactive while the state-wide rate was about 15-percent.

The county health department says the leading causes of death include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and chronic lower respiratory disease.

Now you could be healthier if you work for the state of Oregon. According to the Public Employees’ Benefits Board, state workers are getting healthier, and some of the healthiest are university employees

The survey shows a decline in the number of workers who reported smoking or being overweight.

This year, the state created a new wellness program that was designed to make the public workforce healthier and drive down rising healthcare costs.