Viewing the Basin: Commissioner Hukill on Veterans home



A proposed Veterans home in Klamath County had expected to place approval for use of a $15.5 million bond on the May 2013 ballot. Now, that plan has taken a detour.

Klamath County Commissioner Cheryl Hukill joined Viewing the Basin to discuss the latest on her proposal to build the long-term care facility.

  • Duane Fitzsimmons

    I’m sure the idea of a veterans home might be a good idea for many, but not me. When Cheryl Hukill stated she wanted to get the measure on the ballet so veterans would not have to collect signatures in the cold weather, thats the very reason I do not want the home here. I would not want to be confined for months waiting to safely go for a walk out side. Lets move the $15.5 million to the desperately in need school buildings.

  • Kenny0709

    Heartless, It all about “I” these days. Those that secured our freedom to safely go for that walk out side, get kicked to the curb. Shameful