KCC students write grant for class, earn it for school



LAKEVIEW, Ore. — A student’s effort has resulted in a $20,000 grant for Klamath Community College.

KCC student Dean Dier won the grant after writing it in the school’s grant-writing course, which was in its first year as a class. In addition to Dier, students Krystal Atkinson, Michael Shatto and Shantana Wright also worked on the grant. 

The award was presented during an event in Lakeview, where Oregon Tech also received money.

“This illustrates the importance of contextualizing the curriculum,” said KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez. “It’s one thing to teach students the skills needed to write a grant, but quite another to go through the process of actually writing one. This is not only a great experience for the students, but a very marketable skill in the job market as well,” he said.

The grant will be used for the college’s advanced diploma program, which KCC’s Ryan Brown says is a partnership between the college and the Klamath Falls City Schools and Klamath County School District.

The funding is being made available from the Fred W. Fields Fund.