Triad getting national recognition for record performance

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Triad Timberwolves (5-1)
Last week: 106-66 win over Elkton
This week: vs Hosanna Christian (6-1) – Oct. 20 – 4 p.m.

Conversation with coach Kyle Petrik from 960 the Sports Legend

Your team wins 106-66, a score gaudy enough that even national media noticed, as it set a record for combined points in an Oregon eight-man football game. Describe the game, as it sounds like you weren’t necessarily worried about records.

Elaborate on the tiebreaker please. Why is it so important?

How was the challenge posed by Elkton representative of the league?

How do you size up Hosanna Christian and Camas Valley, your next two league opponents?

What part of your team deserves some recognition?

Still, you put up 106 points in a game. How does it feel to get recognition from many media outlets and do you think boys basketball coach Jason Young is worried his team needs to score 106 this year?