Seven arrested in Siskiyou Co. weed bust

siskiyou county sheriff


GAZELLE, Calif. — A surveillance effort by numerous law enforcement agencies led to the arrest of seven people in Siskiyou County for running a marijuana farm.

Authorities witnessed occupants of land in Gazelle load a large portion of a sizeable marijuana farm into a rental truck before it was stopped by police and 52-year-old Vongphachanh Daranikone and 31-year-old Johanna Daranikone were arrested last Friday.

The land remained under watch Saturday before authorities moved in and confiscated approximately 2,145 pounds of marijuana and five more were arrested for marijuana cultivation. 62-year-old Jimmy Sengthavongsouk, 68-year-old Sandon Thosychanh, 32-year-old Khaiseng Thosychanh, 63-year-old Sockxay Thosychanh and 51-year-old Onuma Sengthavongsouk were arrested.

Over five agencies combined on the arrests.