Klamath Co. authorities investigating Chemult death

Ambulance Lights


CHEMULT, Ore. — Authorities are investigating the death of a man following his odd behavior on Highway 97. The man died near a gas station after passers-by restrained him when they saw him behaving erratically.

Oregon State Police and the Klamath County district attorney’s office are investigating the death of the 52-year-old man who crossed and reportedly rolled around in the dirt behind a gas station Highway 97 multiple times Tuesday.

Some people tried to calm the man as they waited for medics to arrive. However police say he jumped in front of an approaching ambulance, then headed toward a nearby apartment where a pregnant woman lived. Fearing he might harm her, the woman’s father and others pulled the man down to the ground.

Police say he lost consciousness, stopped breathing and was later pronounced dead.

The man was not immediately identified.

  • Rock-n-gem

    this report isnt what happened at all,i was there i seen those men and what they did to that poor man.. these accounts are beyond inaccurate!!! they were not allowing him to breather and i told them this over and over and 2 of the men laying on him acuatally smiled up at me when i tolf them this.. in my eyes they killed him!!!!

  • Brentsfamilyut

    Rock n gem please contact me. I am brents sister. Brentsfamilyut@yahoo.com