DA sentences Klamath Falls’ worst property crime offender

Klamath County Jail


KLAMATH COUNTY, Ore. — 22-year-old Marc Silvio Chicklero will spend the next 100 months in jail following sentencing last week in his crimes from 2011 and 2012. Chicklero was convicted on 11 counts of mostly stolen vehicle crimes.

A news release from Klamath County District Attorney Ed Caleb’s office says Chicklero is one of the worst property crime offenders in Klamath Falls and gives credit to county and city law enforcement officials for their work on the cases involving Chicklero.

Caleb’s office also announced a sentencing from earlier this month. 29-year-old Daryle Dean Colbert was sentenced to 70 months in prison for crimes of assault and burglary from November 2011. His break-in at a South Sixth Street trailer park led to injuries of one person.