Downtown Urban Renewal extended despite disagreement

city hall


KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — At Monday’s Klamath Falls City Council meeting, the agenda included a resolution to renew a credit line for two city urban renewal projects.

After all three attending councilmen approved a resolution to renew a $1.9 million credit line from South Valley Bank and Trust for the Town Center Urban Renewal District, the next topic was a resolution seeking a similar renewal for the Downtown District, on which councilman Bud Hart offered his opinion.

Hart provided evidence to support his argument, highlighting the purpose of the project from 20 years prior.

Fellow councilman Bill Adams recommended the council approve it this year.

Adams’ suggestion coincided with a woman’s public comment saying that the Downtown Urban Renewal District is already in line for this year’s funds based on projected tax receipts. She went on to say the decision then will be made whether to renew the district. Having borrowed over $8 million already, if the choice is made to renew, the Downtown District would borrow around $6.6 million with written approval from 75 percent from other taxable entities, such as the fire district and the city.

Following the public comment, councilman Hart sought procedural clarification.

The council voted 2-1 to approve the resolution.