Taylor lawyers want more time

Gavel and Law Books


CORVALLIS, Ore. — Lawyers for 60-year-old Gregory Taylor have asked for more time in the first-degree sex-abuse case. Taylor is a Klamath Falls City Council member who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and he’ll have at least one more hearing before a fall trial.

  • Me

    Several people warned his wife Jennifer years ago that he was a pedophile….not an acquired taste at 60, he has been at this most of his life. Not as high profile as Sandusky but things will come out and victims will come forward

  • Greed kills

    And how come he sent an apology to his own family whose child he pawed, and said he was “seeking ministers” if he is innocent. Yet his monumental arrogance and unequalled ego did not allow him to do the right thing and step down. This egotistical, pompous ass has paraded around with his holier than thou attitude for years…..it is about time everyone else found out what many of us knew for decades!!!!! Rumor has it (and a very reliable source) that he went to Arizona when his mom passed away, sold her house and split the profits with just one of his 4 siblings, and then blew town without even attending his mothers funeral. This is fact. And God is paying him back for his greed and perversions.