Weapons in Home Earn Man 2-Year Sentence



Klamath Falls, OR-Klamath County District Attorney Ed Caleb says 47-year old Jimmy Joe James, will serve two years in prison for Felon in Possession of a Firearm. James was arrested when the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office went to his address to arrest him for a probation violation. The officers found two weapons in his home; a short-barreled shotgun and a fully automatic rifle.

  • DixieAnn Tietje

    This man raped his two daughters for years. He kept them out of school and kept one daughter locked in her bedroom for almost a year. He put tatoo brands on one daughter’s back to mark her as his private property. He tried to get a fiend to help him murder son, who was trying to get the girls to break free of their fear and turn him in to the police. He raped two minors, daughters of a woman he lived with in Utah, but that case fell through the cracks. He is meth dealer, a thief and I fear that two years he will be lose. I have grand babies who may go after, since they are children of his daughters. How can a sex offender and felon with a fully automatic rifle and sawed off shotgun get such a light sentence? Where is there security for my grand daughter and his own daughters? When I found him hiding from the police warrant, he had a young girl in the front seat of his vehicle, sitting next to him like she was his girlfriend. I am sure this girl’s parents allowed him to molest her, since they are meth addicts, as well. His daughters are still traumatized and fear his threats to get out and kill them. Why can’t the court lock him up and throw away the key?